Nearby passes the route of the great trans-European tourist route E4, starting from the Pyrenees in Spain, by the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe and ending on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. On the Bulgarian territory, the route passes along the ridges of the mountains Vitosha, Verila, Rila, Pirin and Slavyanka.

One of the many advantages of the club eco-village “Belchinski Izvor” is its proximity to the resort of Borovets. The estate offers the excellent opportunity to combine home comfort and relaxation with the adrenaline and enjoyment of winter sports.

All ski runs are equipped with modern cabins or chairlifts, while children and beginners are provided with convenient ski lifts on lighter sloping sections of tracks. The infrastructure around ski facilities ensures complete relaxation and enjoyment.

Best conditions await tourists during the winter season from December to April, when almost all runways are equipped with facilities for the production of artificial snow, which guarantees high quality snow coverage and tracks throughout the entire winter season.