Sightseeing In Belchin


Ruins from past glorious and mythical times can be seen still scattered around the villages of Belchin, Alino, Popovyane and Yarlovo. We also find stories in legends still told in Belchin. For example, Rayana area is associated with Rhea (a goddess and mother of the Olympian gods Zeus, Hera, Hades, etc.), while the name of the river Palakaria is associated with Pulcheria (an Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire – Byzantium).

There are many historical and cultural attractions that can be visited in the vicinity of Belchin village, including:

Fortress ”Tsari Mali grad”;

Ethnographic Museum;

“Sveta Petka” church

“St. Peter and Pavel” church, etc.

The Samokov field is rich not only in history since Renaissance times, but of ancient cultures as well. The settlements here have been raised much earlier than the ages of the Ottoman invasion. They have been a stronghold of Christianity and a centre of metallurgy – communities whose roots may be found even in the twilight of the Roman Empire.