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A legend says that the daughter of Emperor Theodosius Galla Placidia started her way from Constantinople to Rome with the mission to free her son from captivity in Ravenna. Before the start of the march, her older brother Honorius died. In his last moments of life, he gave her an advice: “You will be going for many a days, will pass through Augusta Traiana (Stara Zagora town), then through Philippopolis (Plovdiv town) and before you get to Serdica (Sofia town), turn south. At the feet of three mountains and along the river Palakaria, called in honor of our relative Pulcheria, you will find a paradise with miraculous water. Spend a few days there, to soak in the healing springs, gather strength and take an amphora each full of this miraculous water. You will get strong and healthy and the venture will be a success.” And so it actually happened. The warriors of Gala Placidia captured Ravenna, released her minor son Valentinian and proclaimed him an emperor.

In 2009, the miraculous water yet again sprung from the ground surface.

An expert balneotherapy actual medical benefit assessment shows that water from the mineral spring is hyper-thermal reaching + 42°C, it is slightly mineralized and suitable for everyday use.

The thermal waters in Belchin have a low content of dissolved solids (approximately 300 mg/l), containing bicarbonates, sulfates and Sodium, with higher doses of Fluorine content (about 5 mg/l) and silicon, high pH (about 9.7), as well as expressed reduction properties.

Based on the physical and chemical analyses performed, clinical and experimental studies have shown that it beneficially treats:

  • joint diseases;
  • post-traumatic and post-operative conditions recovery;
  • diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  • skin diseases;
  • gynaecological diseases;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • degenerative and inflammatory processes.

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