Plot 57

Location in the General plan

Plot area: 529,4 m2


Possible types of houses:



  • Oregano - A one family house, Built-up area: 118 sq. m., First floor: Built-up area: 52.2 sq. m., Terrace: 18.7 sq. m., Sheds: 15.6 sq. m., Second floor: Built-up area: 60.7 sq. m., Terrace: 4.5 sq. m.

The houses are available in the following variants:

  • wooden substructure with hemp bricks;
  • reinforced concrete structure with ceramic bricks;
  • reinforced concrete structure with hemp bricks.

All versions meet the standards for a low-energy consuming house, according to MInergie (Switzerland).

Possible options according to a customer’s choice include:

  • antiseptic thermal insulation system;
  • luxurious floor coverings;
  • an intelligent system for remote heating control;
  • a ventilation system;
  • construction of a solid outdoor barbecue;
  • Interior fireplace contributing to a sense of comfort and relaxation;
  • depending on your preference, an option is provided for windows made of modified wood or with wooden-and-aluminum frames;
  • a separate irrigation system.