The ancient chronicler Arrian in his “History of Bithynia” tells the story about the Thracian nymph called Trace gifted with unearthly beauty and extraordinary qualities, able to heal even a very sick man.

In his epic work, he describes the ingredients of her miraculous ointment, but he does not mention their proportions and manner of mixing.

According to Assoc. Prof. Tsvetana Popova from the National institute of Archaeology with Museum (NIAM) with the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), one of the most valuable scientific discoveries found during the excavations of the nearby Roman fortress “Tsari Mali grad” presents a jar that has preserved its content over the centuries.

After performing a chemical analysis, it became clear that it contained that healing ointment precisely described by Arrian. It has been made from locally growing herbs. Sambucus and sweet grass are just some of the ingredients used in it, and the secret ingredient is the miraculous mineral water.

Inspired by that scientific discovery, we named each of the houses within the estate after each of the herbs in the ointment with the idea to bring people health and longevity in combination with mineral water.